Do you desire to work with a music attorney that protects your work, looks out for your best interests, and tailors your legal and business plan to meet your professional goals?


My clients want to know:

  • They are protected against someone claiming an ownership share of their song/album/project when they aren’t entitled to it.
  • They are making informed business decisions to minimize future problems and conflicts.
  • They own their content or only giving up what is necessary to further their careers.
  • They aren’t getting screwed.


For me, being a music lawyer is not just a job. I am passionate about putting my clients in a position where they have the right contracts and registrations in place to protect their work. I consider each individual client’s career goals and strive to align all of their contracts and business decisions with those goals.

I emphasize signing the right deals and properly managing their work so that they can have long-standing, sustainable careers instead of being another cautionary tale of the business.

I do this because I care about my clients as people and want to see them succeed. Every album or project that is released, every deal or license that is signed, and every song that is protected contributes to my clients’ success – and I am blessed to play an integral role in helping them achieve each of those milestones that collectively form their careers.

Let’s do this together.  Contact me now to protect your career so you can focus on making music.


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Erin M. Jacobson

The Music Industry Lawyer