Erin M. Jacobson works with:


  • Musicians, composers, and music industry professionals in the rock, pop, singer-songwriter, and country genres needing a trusted attorney on their teams to protect their interests and advise them on business decisions affecting their careers.
  • Musicians, musical artists, and performers who have been offered or presented with recording, music publishing, producer, management, touring, endorsement and other contracts that they need reviewed and negotiated.
  • Songwriters, heirs of songwriters, and music publishing catalogue owners regarding the purchase and sale of catalogues and royalty rights
  • Songwriters and heirs of songwriters to exercise copyright termination rights in legacy music publishing catalogues
  • Music publishers who need counsel in all areas of their business, including signing songwriters and purchasing music catalogues
  • Composers or musicians presented with composer agreements, music library agreements, or synchronization licenses they need reviewed and negotiated.
  • Musicians and artists who need agreements drafted to protect themselves in their relationship with their co-writers, collaborators, producers, studios, managers and agents.
  • Musicians and artists who need their intellectual property to be registered and properly managed, as well as to be set up with performance rights organizations and other royalty collection societies.
  • Music producers and mixers who need contracts drafted, reviewed, and negotiated with the artists they produce.
  • Managers who need contracts drafted, reviewed, and negotiated with the artists they manage.
  • Independent record labels, music publishers, and other music related companies that need to structure their companies, as well as contracts with their artists drafted and negotiated.
  • Filmmakers and producers, video game developers and producers, and app developers and producers needing music licensed for their film/game/app.
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If you are an independent musician needing legal assistance but are not ready to hire an attorney, visit Indie Artist Resource.