Reasons to get a Catalogue Assessment

  • you have a catalogue but know it has a lot of problems in its organization and you don’t think you are collecting the money you should be because of it
  • you have inherited a catalogue and you don’t know what you have, if it is correct, and what you can do with it
  • you have a catalogue and you want it to pass cleanly to your heirs
  • you have a catalogue and want to sell it

The Process

  • I will do an initial assessment, which ranges from a general overview of the catalogue to a more detailed picture emphasizing specific compositions and revenue streams.  The complexity of the assessment will depend on your goals for the assessment and catalogue.  This assessment will be for a flat fee, which will be based on the level of assessment you desire.
  • I will review my assessment with you as well as options available for the catalogue and your next steps.
  • If the catalogue requires cleanup or sale, I will give you an estimate of the amount of work and costs involved to achieve your desired goals.
  • If you choose to move forward with the clean-up, sale, or other work on your catalogue I have recommended based on the assessment, the initial fee for the assessment will be applied to your overall costs of the work.  If you choose not to move forward, you will only be charged for the initial assessment and will walk away armed with valuable information about your catalogue.

Get Started

  • Contact us here to discuss what type of assessment you need, rates, and get started!