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How to Protect Your Music and Avoid Legal Pitfalls

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I recently had the privilege of being interviewed for My Music Masterclass about how musicians can protect their music, avoid some common legal pitfalls, and more.  The video is available for a temporary stream or permanent download HERE.

My Music Masterclass is a fantastic website where users can view exclusive masterclass sessions with the top touring musicians and industry professionals.  (Registration required and there is a small fee for the streams and downloads.)

You can view a preview of the full video below.  This video is packed with a lot of information and I hope it helps artists to further understand and take control of their careers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can help you to protect your music and grow your career.

Stream or download the full video here!

This preview video is also available on YouTube – please like, comment, and share it!  (Subscribe to my YouTube channel here.)

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Edgar Allan Poets ranks #4 in Top LA Artists

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My client, Edgar Allan Poets, currently ranks very highly in the Alt Rock genre of Deli Magazine’s Top LA Bands.  EAP ranks #4 for web buzz, just below Queens of the Stone Age and The Mars Volta.  The band also ranks #47 in overall popularity for all LA bands listed.

Edgar Allan Poets are really on the rise, generating a significant buzz after only being in LA a short time.  Keep watching for more from these up-and-comers and say you were a fan before they were superstars!

Get EAP’s new single, Crow Girl, out now!


Gershwin Heirs Sue Warner Music

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In breaking news today, George Gershwin’s heirs are suing Warner Music for $15 million.  According to the article, the Gershwin estate conducted an audit of Warner in 2007 and found fault with Warner’s licensing and registration practices in regards to the Gershwin catalog.  The full article gives an example from the suit complaint as to how various commissions were taken off the top by foreign agents.

These types of issues come up often.  A good attorney will know to build certain precautions into the contract language to limit many of these commissions and make sure you have adequate audit rights.  Audits are expensive, but they can often be worth it by revealing accounting discrepancies and getting artists the money they are due.

If you are considering signing a contract involving payments and royalties, make sure you have a music or entertainment attorney review it carefully and keep tabs on the companies!  Contact me if you need assistance with a matter like this.



Client Update: Edgar Allan Poets release new single “Crow Girl”

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Client Edgar Allan Poets has just released a new single entitled “Crow Girl.”  You can preview the song at EAP’s website and buy the song on iTunes.

“Crow Girl” has a beautiful, haunting melody.  The music features soft and hard rock elements, with lush orchestration emphasizing the song’s swelling emotions.  Chris’ lead vocals also lend a really unique sound to this already fantastic song.


New from my clients – Uncle Shammy!

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Please check out the commercials for my client Uncle Shammy, a new shammy cleaning cloth perfect for cleaning your smartphone, iPad, digital devices, and even eyeglasses.  I’ve already been using Uncle Shammy to get my digital camera’s screen crystal clear, and it works great!  You can buy an Uncle Shammy at your local convenience store and it will soon be available online.  The commercials were also scored by my client, Scott Van Orden.

Check the videos to see what Uncle Shammy is up to now!


Mechanical Royalty Rate Stays at 9.1 Cents

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The Copyright Royalty Board has chosen to keep the statutory mechanical royalty rate at 9.1 cents.

The mechanical royalty rate is the royalty paid for reproduction/manufacture/distribution of a composition on records and sometimes other media.  The origin of the “mechanical” is that it is a royalty paid to mechanically reproduce the composition on a record.  It’s not done mechanically anymore, but the principle is the same.

The record labels always want the mechanical royalty rate to be lower, so they can pay less to the publishers.  On the other hand, the publishers understandably want the rate to be higher so that they can make more money.  Thus, this new decision by the CRB is a victory for publishers.

In addition to keeping the statutory mechanical rate at 9.1 cents, ringtones will remain at 24 cents.  The CRB also came out with new revenue sharing rates for publishers regarding some newly-created royalty categories, mostly having to do with the cloud, lockers, and interactive services.

You can read more detail in Billboard.

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